Since our humble beginnings with two doctors in 1976, AMIC has steadily grown to become one of the largest and most capable radiology groups in the region. We continue to grow, and we seek to add increased depth among our radiology team and the staff who support them.

Live and Work In Beautiful Fort Collins!

AMIC is lucky in that we are located in the most beautiful city in Colorado. At least we think so! Learn more about what makes living and working in Fort Collins so great by going to

Fort Collins
Fort Collins
Fort Collins
Fort Collins

AMIC Culture

We strive every day to promote a culture of excellence through our commitment to high quality patient care, service to healthcare providers, and our technical skills and diagnostic capabilities. These values are the foundation of our practice and allow AMIC to be the leading voice in imaging and patient care.

AMIC works tirelessly to raise radiology expectations of referring providers and patients. Subspecialty-trained radiologists take a responsive and collaborative approach to healthcare that isn’t seen in most radiology practices.

If you have a passion for innovative and progressive radiology and continuously elevating the bar in healthcare, AMIC is a fit for you. We are a leading radiology practice in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska with a commitment to excellence and we encourage you to join us!

At AMIC, we have a tremendous staff working behind the scenes ensuring that our group is running smoothly. Our robust corporate infrastructure allows me to focus on what I do best, reading cases and taking care of patients.”

Jamie Colonnello MD
Jamie Colonnello, MD

The best part about working for AMIC is the team spirit demonstrated by all of its members. Having the ability to consult with my fellowship-trained colleagues at any moment in time is a great luxury. The sense of pride and group cooperation is truly impressive.”

Jeanne Hennemann, MD

I enjoy working for AMIC because the commitment to excellent patient care from the nurses and technologists I work with makes my job easier. Any time I have a difficult case I would like to review with one of my colleagues, they are always ready to lend another set of eyes.

I enjoy living in Northern Colorado because the people are friendly, the schools are great, the beer is fresh, the sky is sunny, and the bike paths are endless.”

Sarah Jess
Sarah Jess, MD
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