Billing Information

To reach Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants, P.C. billing office, please call (970) 484-4758 or 1-888-484-4755.

Fax: (970) 484-4759

Our business office is at 2008 Caribou Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525. We are located off Timberline Road between Horsetooth and Harmony Roads.

Explanation of Bill

Radiology exams have two distinct pieces when performing an exam. The technical portion of the exam is done by a technologist as the hospital or facility. There is a technical charge for the services provided when taking the images and the equipment used.

The second piece is the professional component of the exam. This is the diagnostic interpretation (read) of your images by our radiologists.

Because there are two pieces, you will receive two separate bills. One for the technical comment (facility) and one for the professional (doctor).

If you have further questions about your bill, please don’t hesitate to call our billing office at (970) 484-4757.

Billing Forms


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Insurance Information

Patient Information

Insurance – AMIC is contracted with most major insurance companies. If you have questions about whether we are in network with your insurance plan, please contact us at (970) 484-4758 or email us at

Payment Policies – Payment is due within 30 days of the first statement. If you have questions or concerns, or want to inquire about payment arrangements, please contact us immediately at (970) 484-4758

If you have questions that are not covered here, please feel free to contact our Patient Services Team at (970) 484-4758 or

Billing FAQs

Why must a radiologist interpret my x-ray?

When your doctor refers you for an x-ray or other imaging study, they are asking for a consultation from a specialist. A radiologist, especially a board-certified radiologist, is a skilled medical professional with many years of training and experience interpreting these types of studies. After analyzing your x-ray or other imaging study, the radiologist sends your doctor an interpretation report. This report is the radiologist’s professional opinion of the study and is the customary procedure, as well as a contractual obligation across the US.

How do I get the results of my test?

The results of your imaging tests have been provided to the physician who ordered those exam(s). Please discuss these results with your physician as part of your overall care.

Why did I get a bill from you and from the hospital for my test?

The facility where your tests were done provides the space and equipment for your test (called the technical component) and bills for those services. AMIC provides the radiologist’s interpretation of your exams (called the professional component) and bills for that portion.

I gave my insurance information to the hospital, why do you also need it?

Although the hospital provides us with some of your information, there are instances where AMIC may not have received the most current insurance information.

Do you offer payment plans?

We may offer some monthly payment plan options. These are reviewed on a case by case basis. Please contact our Patient Services Team at (970) 484-4758 to discuss payment options.

Do you offer Financial Assistance?

In some instances, Financial Assistance may be available. Please contact our Patient Services Team at (970) 484-4758 to discuss possible options.